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Air-pocket fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac

Fall-Pac’s air-pocket filled units offer a new, cost-effective and reliable solution to fall protection.

Researched and scientifically developed to a unique specification by our own team, which has been delivering fall arrest safety since 2004, each fall arrest bag contains a specific quantity of individual air pockets to produce a robust product that’s larger than others on the market, meaning our customers need fewer bags to cover the same area.

Air-pocket fall arrest bags from Fall-Pac will provide protection for anyone working at heights up to 2.7 metres. An additional second layer of units protects those working at heights of up to 3.4 metres.

Air pockets for a fall arrest solution you can rely on

Our air pocket fall arrest system delivers consistent and reliable safety. It is not an inflatable product; bags are supplied ready-filled with a monitored and controlled number of air pockets inserted into the casing, ensuring that every Fall-Pac air-pocket system carries the same level of fall arrest protection.

Extract from BSI specification for PAS59:2014:

“This PAS is not applicable to air/gas filled systems that are designed to be inflated/deflated on site or to those that have individual cell volume greater than 0.5% of the volume of the module in which they are inserted.”

Site operators do not carry the responsibility of inflating the product to the correct pressure level, ensuring that the product remains inflated to the correct pressure and monitoring the products to ensure the system still meets safety requirements. Fall-Pac’s air-pocket system is fully supplied and maintained by our team, developed and tested to a design that presents a far lower risk.

Fall-Pac testing and safety standards

Fall-Pac products are manufactured in the UK using the highest-quality components to a design and specification backed by fall-arrest science.

Our air-pocket system has been launched following rigorous testing to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. We undertake thorough drop-tests once per month at our own in-house testing facility to ensure that our products continue to deliver the highest safety standards in the industry.

Fast installation, easy positioning and onsite maintenance

Each portable unit is light enough to transport to and position onsite, particularly where space is at a premium. Our simple, one-click interlocking system, using mortar-resistant clips treated to withstand severe temperatures, means units can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Regular onsite training and inspections by our team keep your fall arrest bags maintained and safe for use, with Fall-Pac vehicles able to refill bags onsite for extra convenience. When the system is no longer required, Fall-Pac will recycle the product.

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Air-pocket filled fall arrest system features:

  • Conform to latest BSI PAS59:2014 requirements
  • Constructed from high-quality woven polypropylene casing
  • UV inhibitors keep the product stronger for longer
  • Coated to reduce risk of water ingress
  • Specially-designed air pockets, with stronger seals to prevent air loss
  • 2.5 m long x 0.644m diameter, larger than competing products
  • Consistent safety levels through monitored manufacturing processes
  • Fully recyclable after use
  • 5 years’ onsite lifespan when correctly stored and maintained
  • Bespoke products tailored for specific industry needs

Why air-pocket fall arrest bags by Fall-Pac?

  • Great value to buy or hire
  • Complete fall arrest solution
  • Fast despatch from point of order across the UK
  • Onsite installation, training and maintenance
  • Collection after use
  • Friendly team, on hand from start to finish
  • Trusted by the biggest names in industry
  • Safest, most reliable and consistent systems available

Need to move your fall arrest bags around site?

Fall-Pac supplies stillages designed for easy fork-lift use, allowing for easy and safe transportation, storage and movement onsite.

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Established in 2004, Fall-Pac is proud to design, develop and deliver the safest polystyrene and air-pocket fall arrest products on the market.

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